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I have a short temper when it comes to someone I care about, but honestly STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY IF YOU’RE GONNA BE PLAYING SOME DUMB ASS LITTLE GAMES

(I could throw a chair at someone right now)

Although I may care about you, I just don’t have the patience for nonsense like that, especially not when I’m trying to fix things.. If you’re gonna consider me the bad guy forever, and everything’s my fault, or I’m blamed for it all, then leave me alone.

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Anonymous asked:
Did you finally get dicked down?!

I knew my ask was looking too decent smh, no.. And it’s not “did you finally get dicked down” I can get dicked down whenever the fuck I want #bye

Anonymous asked:
That sounds like fun! Get wasted or what?!


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Anonymous asked:
I'm guessing you went to the beach? Post more pictures!

Lol Panama City, spring weekend, a lovely 9 hour drive

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Anonymous asked:
No selfie lately why?!

I was out of town lol


A Trip to Padley Gorge (by Duncan Fawkes)